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So, you've had an accident......

So, why may you need to make a personal injury claim? If you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you might want to ensure that the responsible party is held to account and pays appropriate compensation. Unfortunately, some people or organisations may not be inclined to immediately admit liability or offer you a suitable sum, which may leave you not knowing what to do next.

This may be particularly upsetting if you are unable to work due to the injury and / or you are left suffering in pain.

Getting a satisfactory resolution of your accident claim may require expertise and professional legal help – and that’s where we come in!

Whether your personal injury claim relates to something that occurred at work; in a road traffic accident; in the home; accident injury claim!

We offer:

So, if you need help following an accident or an injury, we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you and offer some initial advice as to whether you have a valid compensation claim. You can reach us via email and the form on this page or through our Freephone number above.

* In certain rare and exceptional circumstances, some fees may apply. You can find out more here.

Who are we?

Accident Lawyers 4U are specialists in various forms of accident, personal injury, and road traffic accident.

We are legally registered and fully regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. Its registration is recorded on the website http://www.justice.gov.uk/claims-regulation.

Accident Claims and Personal injury

Accident types we cover

We deal with just about every type of personal accident – small and large!

Whether your accident involves a fall at work, a car crash that has left you with whiplash, an industrial mishap or a slip on a wet floor – we are prepared to offer you advice and help. For a full list of the types of accident claims that we can help with, please visit here.

Compensation, No Win No Fee Solicitors

No Win - No Fee

We know that legal costs can be daunting when making an accident claim. That’s why we offer a ‘no win no fee’ scheme. You have nothing to lose, so if you wish to make a claim under our ‘no win no fee’ service, or simply want some advice from our team, contact us today.

Road Traffic Accident? Accident Lawyers 4U can help you with most of your personal injury and accident claims


We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of client service. That’s because we know that you’re in need of recognition and help - not delays and excuses. We will always endeavour to return your calls within 24 hours.

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