Whiplash Compensation

Whiplash compensation claims and whiplash injuries

If you have suffered from whiplash in the last three years due to an accident or injury that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim for whiplash compensation.

Whiplash injuries can be painful and may mean to have to stay off work for a while. They can arise in a number of circumstances but are perhaps most typically associated with a road traffic accident.

A typical situation

The human neck is not designed to cope with excessive lateral force. As a point of detail, the term whiplash injury relates not to a specific medical injury but rather the cause. The injury itself may be to muscles, nerves or more rarely, other parts of the neck.

A common cause of this type of injury arises in rear-end collisions where the head is sometimes thrown violently backwards, but it may happen in many other forms of road or other accidents.

The effects - physical

In many cases the effects are relatively minor and resolve themselves sometimes within a few hours or days after the accident.

However, this may not be the case and the effects may be far more severe and long lasting.

Typically, the symptoms may include pain, soreness and stiffness, dizziness, ‘pins and needles', numbness and in severe cases possibly some motor problems (e.g. difficulty in precisely controlling fingers etc).

Medical assistance may be required over time as well as ongoing physiotherapy.

The effects – financial

Some sufferers may not be able to work or may be unable to do their normal work.

This may result in financial hardship and in some extreme cases it may have a detrimental effect on a career.

There may also be considerable expenses incurred in getting to and from hospitals and treatment centres or for various forms of medical aids.

How can I claim for Whiplash?

The positive news is that at Accident Lawyers 4U we may be able to help secure you whiplash compensation for your neck injury, with no cost whatsoever to yourself.

Just how much will depend upon your individual case and we would welcome the chance to offer you some initial advice to help assess your situation and what opportunities may exist to progress a claim against the responsible party.

This doesn’t have to have arisen from a road traffic accident while driving privately – for example if you were driving for business reasons your employers may have a degree of liability also.

Send a no obligation enquiry to Accident Lawyers 4U today.

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